PRIMARC concentrates on the development and marketing of commercial real estate properties with a special emphasis on office buildings, industrial estates, shopping centres, hotels and other specialised properties. Our services also include new building projects, as well as the redevelopment and revitalisation of properties.

On the one hand, we see ourselves as a service provider for institutional investors like banks and insurance companies. On the other hand, we operate as a contract provider at the communal level, working together in the form of public and private ventures.

In addition to this, we invest in our own developments in conjunction with our investors. By acquiring private capital based on private placements in cooperation with international investment banks and issuing houses, we are able to achieve a higher potential for growth. In doing so, offer a broader circle of external partners the opportunity to participate in our profitable project developments.

Service or self-direction: we secure long-term economic results through the conceptual recording of individual and user-based profiles, precise cost-effectiveness and consistent removal of potential risk factors before any project implementation. This is all accompanied by highly qualified project management designed to perfectly fit budget frameworks.