Growth through challenges

“Growth through challenges.” This is our motto for a market environment, which at times can be anything but easy.

The PrimeParcs in Hamburg Neuland and in Frankfurt Raunheim have continued to steadily grow. This year in Hamburg alone, two additional building foundations were laid with a total service area of 4,500 square meters. Among other things, we also developed a hotel complex here, which will be opened exactly at the same time as the beginning of the World Cup in 2006. This sizeable contract with the future operator Holiday Inn has already been concluded. Furthermore, we are currently conducting talks with numerous national and international companies regarding their long-term use.

Planned as well is the expansion of our PrimeParcs in Frankfurt Raunheim. After the completion of the third phase of construction, we were able to successfully find a buyer, that being the Deka Real Estate Investment Company. We are planning the same for the fourth phase of construction. In terms of its use, we are planning on the long-term partnership with Lufthansa.

Our business park Carl-Bertelsmann Strasse in Gütersloh has been rented to Lycos Europe, one of Europe's leading Internet portals. Out of a total of 6,900 square meters - circa 1,300 square meters of office space is still available for rent. The entire business park, as well as two additional Primarc objects are up for sale.

“We develop added value” - this can also be seen in our actual project developments.

Frankfurt am Main: Primarc develops “Main Square” for multi-use.

In Frankfurt am Main, we are planning a sophisticated object at the Honsell Dreieck. The multi-use complex with ca. 20,000 square meters of space also includes a hotel concept with 250 double rooms. Beyond this, a mall is being planned for retail use. The whole project is complimented by an additional 10,000 square meters of office space and a wellness club with a surface of 3,500 square meters. Additionally, we have included 1,100 parking spaces for a uniform usage concept. We are currently holding talks with an international investor regarding the financial framework. The actual investment volume is 130 million Euro.

Düsseldorf: Rheinmetall and primarc group are planning a business centre.

Together with Rheinmetall AG in Düsseldorf, we have concluded a contract for a co-operation project. The project itself encompasses the building of a business centre on the former Rheinmetall company grounds in the borough of Derendorf. All toll, the construction will have a total area of 17,000 square meters, as well as 360 underground parking spaces. The site in the Rather Strasse/Heinrich-Erhard-Strasse has roughly 6,200 square meters and is owned by Rheinmetall. Construction will begin in early 2005 and should be completed in the beginning of summer 2006.

This year’s architectural competition has been concluded. Here, the architectural office of Conrad Wennemer from Düsseldorf was able to walk away with the prize.
It has been planned to complete the building on two construction phases. The original building, a one-time Rheinmetall construction bureau will remain standing, with two new additions being built on the gable sides. The investment volume currently stands at 48 million Euro.

Through our long experience in national and international business real estate, we can safely say that the object will be available for sale before its final completion.

St. Ingbert: Primarc develops a logistic centre for the Deutsche Post AG, Danzas and DHL.

In the south of the medium-sized city St. Ingbert in the Saarland, we are planning the building of a new post distribution centre with an investment volume of 12 million Euro.
The construction will take place on the “Kleberpark” grounds, which is situated in a financially attractive area. The total area encompasses 4,700 square meters and is divided into roughly 4,000 square meters of hall space and 700 square meters of office space. The Deutsche Post AG, along with its subsidiaries Danzas and DHL ensure for a long-term and secure rental contract. A co-operation project has been started and we are currently discussing participation models with investors.

We are also actively involved in many international projects.

Dubai: Primarc develops a hotel resort on the luxurious island “The Palm.”

In terms of its tourist value, “The Palm” represents the most extravagant island in the region and it's here that we are developing a unique hotel resort with an investment volume of 100 million Euro. We are currently in negotiation with Europe's largest tourism company regarding the long-term use of the 300-room club hotel. The completion for the whole site should be done by the beginning of 2007.

Aside from this, we are also planning the construction of an additional hotel in the Sheikh Said Road in Dubai. The main investor for the project is an Arabian partner. For the project, we have taken over the complete realisation, from development, to facility management. Alternatively, we also have diverse development opportunities for exclusive hotel and tourist projects for “The Palm”, with an investment volume of circa 100 million Euro.

Perm: Primarc is acting as consultant for the building of a hotel complex in Russia.

Primarc, in co-operation with the renowned engineering- and architectural office PSP in Hamburg and Berlin, is developing a hotel complex with an adjoining business centre in the Russian city of Perm. The hotel comes with an investment volume of about 45 million Euro with over 190 rooms and will rented on a long-term basis to an international hotel chain. The contract for investment is equally shared though a European and Russian partner concept.

Within the timeframe of the building phase (which is set for the coming year) until the final handing over in 2007, we will continually act as a consultant, as well as deploy our entire competence and experience for a continually successful project development and realisation.

As for the areas of consulting contracts, we are handling a further hotel project, as well as an industrial centre in Perm. The building area for use for a special market centre was given in commission by a German entrepreneur. The planned investment is between 30 and 40 million Euro.

If you would like more information regarding our current projects, or wish to be involved in one of our ventures, we would be happy to get into contact with you. Give us a call, or send us an e-mail by clicking the dialog window in the contact menu.